Want to connect with the parents of future kindergartners? Consider hosting a series of free playgroups for children between the ages of three and five and their parents. You can use these pre-kindergarten “classes” to help children begin to work on the skills they will need when they start school. The playgroups can also give parents a better idea of what they should be doing at home to help their children get ready for school.

In addition to developing key readiness skills, the children will get to know some of their future classmates as they work together during group activities. Parents will have an opportunity to work with their children—and get to know staff members and other parents.


Build a base of parent volunteers

In most schools, there’s a small but committed group of parents who seem to end up doing most of the work. To expand the base of parents who volunteer in your school:

  • Be specific. Explain volunteer assignments as clearly and completely as possible.
  • Provide a comfortable place to work. Make sure parent volunteers have a friendly space that includes all the supplies they need.
  • Highlight the work of parent volunteers in your school newsletter.
  • Show your appreciation. Throughout the year, give volunteers small gifts or personal notes from students and staff members to thank them for their hard work.


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This photo taken Nov. 29, 2017, shows Jeanette Myhre Elementary School classroom aid and interpreter Michael Cruz reading with Admarie Febo Delgado, left, and Abniel Alvirez Rivera while in class at the school district's Welcome Center in Bismarck, N.D. Admarie and Abniel are new students from Puerto Rico. (Mike McCleary/The Bismarck Tribune via AP)






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