A recent study found that kindergartners who rode the bus had lower absenteeism rates than their classmates who did not ride the bus. Could a focus on school bus transportation improve attendance at your school?school-bus

  • Send information home to parents about school bus safety and rules. Parents are more likely to put their children on the school bus if they feel it is safe.
  • Build relationships between the transportation staff and students. Bus drivers could come into classrooms to talk to students about school bus safety and behavior.
  • Offer incentives for students who ride the bus. Create a point system to reward students who ride the bus regularly and safely. Consider entering bus riders into a drawing to win a prize or a homework pass.


Marquees give schools the opportunity to communicate important messages to students, parents and the community. They are a cost-effective way to spread the word about upcoming events and an easy way to boost school spirit. Here are three other ways to use your marquee. Use it to...

  1. Raise school funds. Some schools allow parents to purchase space on their marquees to wish their child a happy birthday.
  2. Promote school-business partnerships. Did a local grocery store provide snacks on field day? Did a restaurant host a school spirit night? Thank them on your marquee and other businesses will take note.
  3. Build your image. Great test scores? Award-winning teachers? Post your accomplishments for all to see!


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